Fire Safety Awareness

HABC Level 1 International Award in Fire Safety

  • This qualification is aimed at anyone involved in the management of fire safety in any workplace.
  • This includes managers, supervisors, team leaders, fire wardens (marshals) and staff working in any area where there is a potential risk of fire.
  • Learners gaining this qualification will know that fire safety is the responsibility of everyone in the workplace and will recognize the consequences of a fire in any premises.


  • There are no prerequisites for this qualification. It is advised that learners have a minimum of Level 1 in English or equivalent.


  • This method of assessment is an end of course exam and must follow the HABC Examination and Invigilation Procedures, found within the HABC Core Manual.
  • Learners are required to choose one of the prescribed options to answer a set examination question.
  • The examination for this qualification contains 15 questions that must be completed within 30 minutes.


Understand basic fire safety in the workplace.
  • Identify the elements of the fire triangle.
  • List the main causes of fires in the workplace.
  • Outline the main costs of fires in the workplace for employers and employees.
  • Outline the duties and responsibilities of employees in fire safety.
  • Outline the duties and responsibilities of employers in fire safety.
  • Outline the duties and responsibilities of fire wardens in fire safety.
Understand the principles of prevention and control of fire in the workplace.
  • Identify fire prevention measures that can be taken to minimize fire risks .
  • Outline fire risk control measures .
  • Identify different types of portable firefighting equipment and when they should be used.
  • Outline simple checks for ensuring that fire safety equipment is safe to use.
Understand actions to be taken in the event of a fire.
  • State the actions to take in case of a fire in the workplace .
  • State ways to contact the emergency services in the event of a fire in the workplace.


  • 1/2 Day Course.
  • Total Quality Consultancy / Client facility.

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